About Us

We have been in business for twenty eight years. We are a comprehensive indoor air quality assessment and remediation company providing services to commercial, governmental, industrial, retail, health, care and residential properties throughout New England and the New York Tri-State areas for over ten years.

What Can You Do?

Homeowners can help themselves by taking a few very easy steps. First, be sure to clean the lint filter screen before or after each load. For heavier items, be sure to shake them out before drying. Also, be sure that the area around your dryer is clear and do not store combustible items near the dryer.

To be sure that the dryer vent is cleaned properly, contact a professional. In addition to the vent itself, our technicians will open the back of the dryer and clean the lint you cannot see Our technicians are expertly trained and understand the importance of doing the job right. Your safety is our number one concern.

Other Services

Sometimes cleaning a dryer vent is not always the best solution. When runs are too long or not properly vented more extensive repairs are needed. Our technicians will take the time to go over your options in a clear manner. And above all, no high pressure sales tactics are used. We want all of our customers to be well informed and make decisions that are best for them. All costs will be discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning any work.

When you want a professional, courteous service, give us a ring and you'll get the KingÖ